Guy setups fake ‘Casting Couch’ to see what adult stars will do to get a ‘Job’

The guy played a brillant role in the entire video and these adult models couldn’t understand that they were being pranked. The fun part is that the guy didn’t become an all out creep just to maintain the surprise part of the entire video.

It’s a fun way to spend time with adult stars without crossing the moral bounds. The video involved two girls and a guy. One of the girls definitely got pissed off at the end of the video as she couldn’t appreciate the interview being funny. The first girl, however took the prank positively and laughed about it.

The guy uploaded the video with a disclaimer that all of the models who appeared in the video were adult stars. The guy wrote: “These are real porn stars who think they are auditioning for a role in an adult film. I’m not a casting director… and I’ve never seen porn.”

That’s what we call a disclaimer!

Let’s check out the video


Bernadette From The Big Bang Theory Is A Bombshell In Real Life

The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular TV shows in America, and has been for a long time. And while everybody loves Penny, it was the character of Bernadette who really brought balance into a show with so many male leads. When fans saw what the actress who played her, Melissa Rauch, looked like in real life, they were stunned. Keep scrolling to find out how different Melissa is from her beloved character.

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Female Cops’ Instagram selfies have their NYPD bosses hot under the collar

Apparently, the NYPD does not appreciate its officers parading themselves in uniform on social media. The department has a policy which forbids officers from wearing their uniform in images online, official ceremonies excepted. An NYPD spokesman said the rule is “intended to protect officers from divulging identifying information on social media sites that may endanger officer safety.” However, president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, Patrick Lynch, said there is nothing inappropriate about uniformed officers in pictures normally acceptable on social media.

Guy Catches Punk Stealing His Truck Then Choke Holds Him On Facebook

Joby posted on Facebook how he walked out of the Home Depot to see someone trying to make off with his truck.

Not on his watch. He got a hold of the dude and didn’t let him go until the cops came!

“You stole the wrong truck today dude and whoever you are in the gold Tahoe with newer style chevy rims I’m coming for you to my friend…came out of Home Depot and my truck was driving down the street ran after it jumped in and wrestled this fuck while he was trying to floor it no sir not my truck…”

He picked the wrong truck to steal!!

Here’s the video!

25 Stunning Female Soldiers

Women play important roles in militaries not only in the US, but across the world. From air force pilots to ground soldiers, you can find women in just about every branch of military in existence. And there’s something about a strong woman holding her own with an automatic weapon or cruising the open skies in a fighter jet that we just can’t get enough of. Check out this collection of beautiful female soldiers from militaries across the world.

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Former WWE Wrestler Ric Flair Says He Has Been With 10,000 Women And Drank 10 Beers Everyday For 20 Years

Former WWE fighter Ric Flair has revealed a shocking truth about himself.

The star has come out to display explicit details of what his lifestyle has been for the past 20 years.

The star recently announced publicly that he has bedded ten thousand women and drank ten beers every day for the past 20 years.

The WWE Nature Boy, close to the heart of millions of WWE fans, has provided the audience with a shocking account of his personal life details in ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentaries.

The documentary aired last night and had amazed viewers worldwide.

Flair was regarded as one of the most skilled and renowned professional wrestlers of all time. He was a cultural icon in the 80s.

Flair is the only WWE wrestler that has had his name TWICE in the Hall of Fame

Ric Flair has won the Heavyweight Championship 16 times!

When talking about the sport, Ric revealed that ‘it was something I was really good at. Then it became a disease.’

According to the account provided in the documentary, his professional wrestling skills were the reason for his undying fame and fortune. However, he was unable to find lasting happiness in it.

His views on marriage and monogamy were also an exciting part of the documentary. Ric Flair could not take marriage and monogamy seriously.It was just not him.

He says ‘I probably took it real serious for about a day… I mean, I tried, but it just- I was miserable.’ It is not a surprise that after such views about marriage, Ric had four divorces in his lifetime. He also has a total of four children from the four marriages.

In nexus to the above topic of marriage and women, Ric was also asked about how many women he has been in his life to which he responded “Maybe, 10,000” Woah!

Ric also confessed about his poor drinking habits. He sorted therapy by visiting a psychologist to tackle his unhealthy addiction to drinking.

He told the psychologist in 1980’s that ” I’ll drink at least ten beers, and probably five mixed drinks (every day).”

Flair then responded: ‘Oh yeah, it is.’

Adding more insight to his therapy sessions Flair stated, ‘ By the time I got through with that son of a b****, he was laying on the couch, and I was on the chair talking to him.’

He stated, ‘There’s no way I should be alive after some of the stuff I’ve done.’ Flair was taken to the hospital in August owing to his growing ‘organ problems.’

When asked for feedback regarding the documentary made on him, he said, ‘I liked it. It was eye-opening. I figured, if you’re going to do it, you might as well open up.’

Well, we must say this brutal honesty did make his documentary the most interesting one to the audiences worldwide.

There have been ongoing reports about the former wrestler’s health. Ric Flair has had a successful surgery; however, more treatments need to be done to attain complete recovery.

Melinda Morris Zanoni of Legacy Talent and Entertainment, who is Ric Flair’s Public Relations in charge tweeted: ‘Ric had surgery today (not [heart related)I am happy 2 report it was a success.Still a long road ahead so plz keep praying 4Ric. Charlotte Megan David&Wendy.’

Ric Flair had quit the wrestling arena in 2011 with no health problems.

His doctors called him a ‘medical miracle’ because he encountered no health problems after four years of quitting the professional wrestling practice.


No bra, No problem

I’m sure you’ve heard about the movement to “Free the Bra”, sometimes called the “Free the Nipple” movement, or “No Bra, No Problem”. This movement is awesome. Why? Because it means that women are taking back control over their bodies, and questioning why exactly they are expected to wear bras. We think a bra is pointless (pun intended). These ladies have decided to forgo it.


Charles Manson, notorious criminal and cult leader, dies at 83

BAKERSFIELD, California —

Charles Manson, the mass murderer whose name became synonymous with evil after his followers’ 1969 Los Angeles killing spree, died Sunday.

Manson, who spent the last 48 years behind bars, was 83. He died of natural causes at Kern County Hospital, according to California’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Manson and his followers, known as the Manson Family, struck fear into the hearts of Los Angeles when they slaughtered at least seven people in the summer of 1969, including actress Sharon Tate, the pregnant wife of director Roman Polanski.

Since his 1971 conviction, he has remained a horrifying and fascinating figure in pop culture, as the subject of books and movies and the occasional rambling media interview.

While there have been other serial killers over the years who have committed even more murders, Manson has managed to hold the public’s fascination like almost no other.

“I was thinking today about why Manson is so remembered and such a part of our cultural history, whereas other serial killers have done far worse,” said former Associated Press Special Correspondent Linda Deutsch, who covered the 1970-71 trials of Manson and his followers, as well as all of their parole hearings until she retired two years ago.

It was, she concluded, because Manson killed more than just seven people. He also destroyed a Baby Boomer generation’s dream of a peace-and-love era that had begun with 1967’s San Francisco Summer of Love, two years before Los Angeles’ 1969 Manson murders.

“For most of that period, the hippies up in San Francisco and throughout the country really spread a message of love and understanding,” Deutsch said. “And now here come these people who wore these hippie clothes and although they were not hippies, they were just people who came together in a commune, they became symbolic of that hippie era.

“In addition to killing seven people, he killed a whole counterculture,” she added.

A career criminal and con artist, Manson had reinvented himself during the Summer of Love as a Christ-like figure who attracted young people to a commune he established at an old, abandoned movie ranch on the edge of Los Angeles.

“To tell you the truth, the older I get the harder it is to deal with all of this, to know what I did, how it happened,” one of the youngest of his followers, Leslie Van Houten, told a parole panel in September. The panel has recommended she be released, but Gov. Jerry Brown could reject that recommendation as he did once before. No Manson Family member convicted of murder has ever been freed.

Van Houten, now 68, explained how Manson used sex, drugs, repeated playings of the Beatles’ “White Album” and readings from the Bible to persuade his young followers that they could launch a race war between blacks and whites by killing people, then hide in the desert until it was over.

But what Manson really wanted to do, Deutsch said, was become famous.

At one point he’d befriended the late Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson with hopes of becoming a musician as famous as those in Wilson’s group. The music industry ultimately dismissed him as crazy and dangerous and, worse yet to his way of thinking, only marginally talented.

“So he wanted to make a statement and be the star that Hollywood wouldn’t let him be,” said Deutsch. “And he was demonic.”

But Charles Milles Manson’s life of crime began decades before the murders that made him infamous.

He served time in an Indiana boys home for burglary when he was in his teens.

He went on to become one of the nation’s most famous mass murderers, with a chilling ability to persuade people to commit murder on his behalf.

“I never told anyone directly to go anywhere or do anything,” he said at one of his multiple parole hearings over the years. “I always said … you know what to do.”

In the late 1960s Manson’s cult-like “family” lived in the Spahn Ranch near Chatsworth. He was a frustrated musician and songwriter and was particularly fascinated with the Beatles song “Helter Skelter” which he believed was about an apocalyptic race war – a conflict he hoped to ignite by the killings.

On Aug. 9, 1969 Manson ordered four of his followers to break into Tate’s home. They killed five people, including Tate, who was eight months pregnant. They scribbled the word “pig” on the front door in her blood.

The next night his followers murdered Rosemary and Leno LaBianca in the same grisly fashion.

The murders shocked the nation. Manson and his followers – Tex Watson, Leslie Van Houten, Patricia Krenwinkel and Susan Atkins – were convicted and sentenced to death.

But a U.S. Supreme Court decision in 1972 ended California’s death penalty.

State law at the time made him eligible for parole. He was denied a dozen times over the years.

While serving life in prison, Manson seemed to bask in his infamy.

“Is Charlie Manson crazy?” he said in an interview with ABC News. “Sure. He’s as mad as a hatter. What difference does it make? Being crazy used to mean something. Nowadays, everybody’s crazy.”

Debra Tate, the sister of Sharon Tate, released a statement to ABC News about Manson’s death:

“My most important message is clarifying what people are saying right now. People are saying that this should be some kind of relief, but oddly enough it really isn’t. While Charlie may be gone, it’s the ones that are still alive that perpetrate everything and it was up to their imaginations for what brutal things were going to be done. In an odd way I see them as much more dangerous individuals. Right now we have one Manson family member on deck who has been granted a parole date and its very important – I mean, I sit in rooms with each of these individuals, some of them once a year every year, and it’s important for people to know that these are individuals that are still brutal monsters capable of committing heinous crimes. Although I’ve forgiven, I have not forgotten, and I feel it’s very important that they stay exactly where they are until they die. And in that way Charlie was the least of my worries. And I actually pray for his soul as I did Susan Atkins when she died. And that’s the way I was raised and I hope that he gets some kind of mercy, he didn’t show that to any of our victims, but I try to come from a higher place and I hope he gets some mercy.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


Married High School Teacher Accused Of Second-Degree Rape And Child Porn Possession!

According to the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office, Hunter Day, a teacher with Yukon Public Schools, was arrested after they received a complaint that she was having an illegal relationship with an underaged boy.

Authorities said the boy’s parents brought their son’s cellphone to the Sheriff’s Office, and asked for a forensic review of the phone. The parents told investigators that they had already been through the phone and found text messages and nude photos, and were concerned that Day had already had sex with their son.

During the course of the phone examination, investigators said they determined that Day and boy had already had sexual intercourse, and that additional plans had been made to meet at her home Wednesday afternoon to have sex again.

With the information that a prearranged meeting was already in place, Investigators said they used the boy’s cell phone to contact Day, acting as if they were him, and asked if the meeting was still on, and Day replied “Yes,” and indicated that he should hurry up and get there before her husband got home from work.

Investigators said when they arrived at Day’s home, they sent a text message to Day from the boy’s cell phone, and said “I’m here.” Day responded, “the doors unlocked as usual.” Investigators opened the door and found Day sitting on the living floor with the lights turned off, candles lit, and wearing a T-shirt and workout shorts.