Actor Who Played Shooter McGavin In Happy Gilmore Arrested For DUI

The actor who played Shooter McGavin in the comedy movie “Happy Gilmore”, Christopher McDonald, was arrested for drunk driving Saturday night. You may also recognize the actor from the movies “The House Bunny” and “Kickin’ It Old Skool”.

Law enforcement told TMZ that the 62 year old actor drove his classic silver Porsche off the highway, taking out a gas meter at Stater Bros. and ending up in an embankment. This occurred around 9pm in the Lake Arrowhead, California area.

An eyewitness claims that when McDonald was pulled over that he tried to play the “celebrity card” and told cops that he was in the movie “Happy Gilmore”. The officers were not impressed and then reportedly took McDonald to jail.

McDonald was previously arrested in 2013 for driving while intoxicated in Wilmington, North Carolina. He was allegedly super wasted and barely able to utter a coherent sentence. At the time he was arrested he blew a .15, almost double the legal limit. He was released early the following day on $1,000 bail.

In July of this year, McDonald was also caught on camera giving pro-golfer Tiger Woods advice on his recently obtained DUI and assuring him that he would bounce back from it. He told TMZ, “I went through it myself, I got off. He’ll get off.”

McDonald was taken to the local jail to be held until he sobers up. It is reported that he will be released without bail some time Sunday Morning.

Check out Shooter in his finest clips below!