The New 840-Horsepower “Trans Am” Is Insane Fun

The Drive’s Sean Evans drives the 840-hp “Trans Am Bandit Edition,” a Chevy Camaro SS-turned-Trans Am, complete with T-tops and a 7.4-liter supercharged V8. It’s the product of Trans Am Worldwide, of Florida, the state that gave us Burt Reynolds and crazy, badass things of all description.

Video shot and edited by Andrew Siceloff, and produced by Cait Knoll


You can’t carry a toilet around with you, but you CAN carry the business bucket around pretty easily. Here is how to make it.

The Business Bucket is a pretty simple little DIY poop bucket to take hunting, camping or where ever you might not have access to a nice toilet to sit on. Now granted, most men don’t mind just popin’ a squat in the wood line, but the wife, girlfriend or your extremely metrosexual buddy that you’re trying to teach how to hunt on the other hand might not be to excited about that. That’s where this bad boy comes in. Imagine all of the complaining you could avoid having to listen to if you build one of these and take it with you. The Business Bucket works way better than a MRE box and a trash bag BTW.

Source: The funny beaver


Man Builds Miniature CAT Dozer to Clear His Driveway of Snow!

Building something in your garage can sometimes be one of the most fulfilling and most rewarding feelings ever.
This guy has a lot to be proud of since from what we can see he build a CAT bulldozer from an old lawn tractor and turned it into a miniature snow plow. We have to explain that in this particular video he is not using it to plow snow yet only to test it out a little bit but it sure seems that it has what it takes in order for that driveway to be cleared.
Apparently, this little dozer has all the traction that is needs with those wide tracks and it looks like the controls are working perfectly so after this initial test he looks ready to take on the snow.
Watch this cool little dozer in action with the guy who made the whole thing possible, and even made it to one million YouTube views, congratulations Lane Hanson.