Many of us dream of being able to live in our own cozy cabin in the woods. One man was able to build his own tiny retreat for only $500.

This adorable home was built in the northern woods of Canada on a piece of private property. Because the house is such a small size, no permits were required, which kept building costs and time constraints low. He was able to recruit friends and members of his church to help build the cabin over the course of eight months.


Do-It-Yourself projects are a cultural trend that has been around for a long time. There’s something about creating things with your hands that appeals to a lot of people. And in recent years, some have taken to building their own houses from scratch. The Internet is a great resource in that people can find guides and how-to videos to inform them on each stage of the process. It’s not rocket science, but it’s also not something you’d think a 13-year-old boy would be interested in doing.

Luke Thill is a 13-year-old from Dubuque, Iowa. Like any other teenage boy, he has lots of energy and is easily bored. But here’s where he sets himself apart: to cope with his boredom one summer, he decided to build a house in his parents’ backyard. The end result of this endeavor became so much more than he originally expected.

Luke set out to find the money and materials to complete his project, and first went to his parents for help. Though they approved of his efforts, they decided to let him do most of the work by himself. “It was a chance for a kid to do something more than play video games or sports,” said his dad Greg. “It teaches life lessons.” So how did Luke manage to get it done?

The teen cut neighbors’ lawns, raised funds online, and ran errands for people in his community as a trade-in for work or supplies. For example, a family friend who was an electrician helped him install the wiring in exchange for cleaning out his garage. Finally, he was able to gather enough money and materials to start building. Though it took him a lot longer than he anticipated…

One year later, Luke had raised $1,500 and collected enough stuff to begin building. He ended up using reclaimed or recycled materials for 75% of the house. In the process, he helped friends and neighbors get rid of unwanted things, like his uncle’s friend’s front door and many leftover items from his grandmother’s garage. Once building was firmly underway, he realized something that caught him by surprise.

Word of mouth had spread around town about the teen’s little venture. People were eager to know how he was doing so he decided to create a YouTube channel, where he kept viewers updated on his progress and also answered questions about the process. Before long, everyone in school knew his name, which might not have been the best thing for Luke at the time.

As his commitment and skill became clear to everyone, Luke was turning heads everywhere he went. Then, out of the blue, his principal called him into his office one day. “I don’t go there very often,” Luke said in one of his videos. “I’ve never gone there for anything bad.”

As it turned out, the principal was friends with a newspaper reporter from Indianapolis, who wanted to talk to the teen for a story. Despite the attention, Luke had to focus on finishing the project, and he still had obstacles to face before construction was done.

When creating the kitchen area for his tiny house, the teen decided to make a homemade countertop, using pieces of stained glass and liquid glaze. He researched the technique and studied YouTube videos of the process. But when time came to do it himself, the glaze leaked all through the mold. Though his idea failed, Luke did not let this deter him, and soon his perseverance paid off as he got an unexpected invitation.

The teen was contacted by a representative of TinyFest Midwest, a festival celebrating tiny houses and small living. They not only wanted Luke to attend, they also asked him to speak about the experience of building his tiny house. He was excited about preparing his speech since he’d recently earned a public speaking merit badge. And with the house almost finished, he’d soon be able to move in… except for one small detail.

Luke’s tiny house was finally done, as it had everything he would need to sleep, eat, and go about his day. Still, no house is complete without a few homely touches. After ensuring that his house was fully operational, he made sure the place looked warm and inviting. It had to look flawless. Afterall, now was the time to expose a year of hard work, not only to his family but to his entire fanbase and beyond.

Except he had one problem: the house had no toilet. The teen realized that installing plumbing was more than he could manage, but in the end he didn’t mind. “I liked the minimalism,” he told the Des Moines Register. Once the house was ready, he made a video tour that wowed everyone.


Behold the Trump 45, the Rolls-Royce of firearms made for Donald Trump supporters and Second Amendment fans.

It’s finished in 24 karat gold, made with real meteorite, and has the blessing of the NRA.

Could this limited-edition 1911 pistol engraved “TRUMP 45” make presidential firearms great again?

That’s what Cabot Gun Company, a Sarver, Pennsylvania-based specialty firearms manufacturer, is aiming to find out.

Rob Bianchin, Cabot Guns’ founder and CEO, reveals the golden gun has a production run limited to 45.

Only a lucky few — ostensibly, those with thick wallets — can afford to get their hands on the 45th President of the United States-inspired pistol.

Prices for the Trump series range from $15,000 to $35,000, and premium models are expected to fetch in excess of $50,000.

Each made-in-America firearm is denoted by a presidential-themed serial number. The George Washington model bears serial number WASHINGTON01. The Trump model is TRUMP45.

Of course, this is no ordinary gun.

In addition to its gold finish, the Trump 45 has its name engraved on one side and “45th President of the United States on the other and is made of steel “to aerospace tolerances and with artisan finishes.”

The grips are made from the American holly tree, and the trigger and front sight are made from 4-billion-year-old meteorite that, according to a statement released by Cabot Guns, symbolizes the “meteoric focus of the Trump Presidency and commitment to America.”

If a gun made with meteorite sounds familiar, you may remember a pair of Cabot Guns 1911 pistols touted as the most expensive gun in the world, the Big Bang Pistol Set, made with meteorite and priced at $4.5 million.

The company expects the Trump 45 series to attract Trump fans who are keen on protecting their Second Amendment rights.

According to Cabot Guns:

“The company has been privileged to have crafted pistols for Kings, Royalty, Heads of State, as well as numerous celebrities and captains of industry. Yet, as Bianchin noted, it is with particularly distinct honor that Cabot is producing this tribute to President Trump. ‘The election of President Trump was critical to those of us who value upholding the constitution, especially the Second Amendment.’”

So how do you get your hands on a Trump 45? Only 44 will be sold to the public, some directly and some at auction.

Owners of the Trump 45 may be more interested in showing it off than, say, shooting it.

For firearms collectors eager to display their latest acquisition, the Trump model comes in a glass case with a wood base containing “wood inlays from the U.S.S. Constitution, the wooden-hulled Naval vessel named by George Washington.”

Your Trump 45 also has the approval of the National Rifle Association.

The promotional materials for the presidential pistol include a blessing from Chris W. Cox, the executive director of the NRA Institute for Legal Action.

“President Trump’s election was of historic importance to all of us who cherish and value the Second Amendment,” says Cox. “We’re proud to stand with President Trump and Cabot Guns in defense of our right to keep and bear arms.”

gold gun trump


The Mossberg 590M shotgun features a double-stack magazine ranging in capacity from 5 to 20 rounds. Double-stack shotgun magazines were first reported as “in development” back in 2012 when MD Arms’ Michael Davidson filed a patent for the innovative shotgun accessory.

Built on a classic scattergun, the new 590M is perfect for home defense, tactical training, and competition purposes. The pump-action shotgun is available in 12 gauge 2 3/4″ and comes standard with a pair of 10-round double-stack magazines.

The 5, 15, and 20 round magazines can be purchased seperately. For reference, the 5-round magazine is just 5.375″ tall while the 20-round mags are 12.65″ tall. Each mag is designed for 2 3/4″ shells only and feature a self-lubricating plastic body with steel feed lips and stabilizing ribs. The 5-round magazine weighs just under 1 lb.

Mossberg described their new weapon in their company blog,

Innovation is at the core of the 590M with the detachable magazine’s uniquely-designed, integral stabilizing ribs which engage the magazine directly to notches engineered into the receiver, ensuring a positive lock-up. The all-steel, heated-treated magazine release button and housing are optimally-positioned in front of the trigger guard for quick, ambidextrous access for unloading and reloading the 590M. The location of the mag release does not interfere with cycling of the action. The well-executed design allows for proper balance, better swing and controlled-manipulation with a full-magazine located at the center of gravity point.

Gauge: 12
Capacity: 5, 10, 15, or 20 +1
Barrel: 18.5″ Heavy-Walled
Weight: 7.75 lbs
Overall Length: 39.5″
Sight: Bead
MSRP: $721 – $801
Take a closer look at the new Mossberg 590M on the range in the video below.

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7-year-old girl shoots her first deer, public rallies behind father for his excellent instruction

The Klapper family from North Texas has proudly encouraged the next generation to follow in their hunting footsteps. Mom and Dad’s Facebook pages frequently feature images of their young children hunting with them for deer and turkey. This season 7-year-old Lilly took her first deer and the internet went wild.

With more than 2.3 million views in less than 3 days, the public response to his daughter’s video has left Cody stunned. The avid hunter and excellent father was concerned that some people may not appreciate their traditions and wrote ” I respect and understand that this video may not be for everyone, if you think that you might be offended by this video that has my daughter shooting a deer with a modern hunting rifle please keep scrolling.”

Fortunately for him it seems everyone is just as excited for Lilly as he is. The determined little girl patiently waits for her shot showing respect for her weapon and the animal throughout the video, and the public noticed.

The post was filled with positive user comments like “Parenting done right 😁 congratulations on your first deer Ms.Lilly,” and “Great job Lilly! Great job Dad! Her focus, concentration, patience, and attention to detail is admirable!”

Viewers didn’t fail to notice the overwhelming number of positive comments either. One viewer wrote “Know what the best part is….no one on here is complaining about her age and gun!!! Kickass great shot!!”


This thing could survive the Zombie Apocalypse!

It’s that big and rugged.

Greg is from Bloomfield Hills, MI and has previously been traveling in a Roadtrek Class B motorhome. He had just picked up his new Global Expedition and had brought it to the Overland Expo to get some ideas about off road travel and outfitting his new go-anywhere home.

He gives us a tour of this beautiful behemoth and tells us why he chose this model and where he plans to go.

Source: roadtreking

900 HP Winnebago goes from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds

Rarely does the image of a 1971 Brave Winnebago come to mind when you think about speed.

The beloved camper most well known for it’s role in the Mel Brooks classic Spaceballs is back and ready for ludicrous speed. (Well, not the exact same camper, but you get the idea).

Ringbrothers bought the camper from a Barrett-Jackson auction in Arizona. It already had already been slightly customized, but it was in dire need of an upgrade. The “Happy Camper” was stripped down to its bare shell and rebuilt into the monster you see today.

(image source; Ringbrothers)

“After we fixed the brakes, painted the wheels, and got the Winnie back on its feet, we started looking to the interior and began fabricating and machining some of the interior pieces,” Ringbrothers wrote on their blog. “But before we got to far on the interior we needed to give this old motorhome a new heart.

(image source; Ringbrothers)

The “Happy Camper” Winnebago by Ringbrothers sits on a Wegner Motorsports LS 900 HP engine capable of going from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds.

Watch this unlikely dragster haul ass in the video below.


Hunters find bullets from American civil war in 185-year old alligator’s hide

Vicksburg| A group of Mississippi hunters who shot and killed an alligator weighting 910 pounds (413 kilograms) on Sunday, were amazed when they discovered that the animal already bore injuries caused by musket ammunitions from the Civil War era. A total of 9 spherical projectiles was found, and the various tests and analysis realized on them have confirmed that they were indeed fired at the animal in the 19th Century.

Nine of the wounds on the animal are believed to have been caused by Enfield Pattern 1853 rifle-muskets. These old injuries were concentrated around the animals tail and hind legs, suggesting that the reptile could have possibly been used as a target for shooting practise by Confederate troops.

The huge animal also bore five other bullet wounds from three different calibers of hunting rifles, as well as many dents and scars, which shows that it survived many firearm injuries in the past. It did not however, survive the six .50-caliber bullets fired at him by the group of amateur hunters from Jackson, who were finally able to take it down.

This incredible animal specimen brings a whole new perspective on this large crocodilian reptile endemic to the southeastern United States. American alligators have been known for years to live well over 50 years and were thought capable of possibly living as long as 70 of 80 years, but this unique specimen was estimated to have been 185 years old at the time of its death.

Other reptiles like turtles, have been known to have lifespans of over 150 years, but it is the first specimen of crocodilian of such an old age ever found. It is also one of the biggest alligators ever killed in the United States. The heaviest ever recorded, weighing in at a staggering 1,011.5 lbs, was pulled out of a river in Alabama in August of this year.

Netflix Paid $105 Million To Unite Some Of The World’s Greatest Actors For What May Be The Most Anticipated Film Of The Century

What do you get when you put together Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel and Al Pacino? An awesome movie. That’s what. On top of all these incredible icons, you also have an Oscar-winning director: Martin Scorsese. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s happening!

According to reports, Netflix has successfully secured its rights to what is shaping up to be the most anticipated films of the decade. They shelled out $105 million in order to have right to ‘The Irishman’ and let’s be real here, people can’t wait to see this.

It has been reported that the deal will allow Netflix to share the film to not only their 93 million subscribers but that it will also boost their subscriptions. Apparently, Netflix started the negotiations with Scorsese shortly after Paramount Pictures dropped out of the project.

According to Daily Mail, a spokesperson noted that Scorsese’s films are known to be a risky deal and Paramount does not typically take risks. By joining Netflix, he is able to do the film that he wants.

So what’s this film even about? Well, it’s based on the life of mob hitman Frank Sheeran who allegedly confessed on his deathbed to murdering his good friend Jimmy Hoffa.

Jimmy Hoffa is the union leader whose disappearance remains one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in American history. The story itself sounds incredible and the list of actors just adds to it.

Daily Mail writes that De Niro will be playing Sheeran and it’ll be his ninth film with Scorsese. The director helped launch the actor’s career back in 1972 with Mean Streets.

And as for the role of Hoffa? That’ll be played by none other than Al Pacino, who’s another Oscar winner and happens to be a good friend of Robert De Niro’s. But this will be Pacino’s first Scorsese film!

All the actors in the film are pretty familiar with one another and most have starred in past films together. But this will be the first time the group will all be involved in working on a film together…simultaneously.

IndieWire was the first to report details of the deal between Netflix and Scorsese. Netflix has become known for the autonomy that it has given its talent.

This is something that ‘Orange is the New Black’ creator Jenji Kohan and Brit Marling of ‘The OA’ have raved about in interviews. We honestly can’t wait for this film to be released.

Source: providr

Check Out This Harley-Davidson… Limousine?

If a motorcycle genie appeared and granted you one wish in the form of any Harley-Davidson bike you wanted, what would you choose?

Would you go for a sturdy Softail for long rides in the country?

Perhaps you would opt for a fast and sporty V-Rod.

On the other hand, maybe your dream machine is an HD limo.

To clarify, we are not talking about a stretch Cadillac decked out in black with orange pinstripes. Nope. Not even close.

Harley Limo Hybrid

The Harley-Davidson limo—which actually exists—is part motorcycle, part limousine and 100 percent eye-catching.

This hybrid combines a 2012 Harley in the front and an eight-person carriage in the back, which is more than merely a shell with seats.

The pearl white limo features everything you would expect in a luxury ride: a bar, a flat screen television, a sound system, air conditioning, tinted electric windows, vertically opening doors and a rumble seat of sorts in the back, which allows a pair of passengers to perch in the open air while cruising.

Nearly 20 feet long, the bike/carriage crossbreed boasts 1.75 tons of steel, which is powered by a 5.7 liter, 350 HP V8 Chevy engine.

Unfortunately, you cannot simply stroll into your local Harley-Davidson dealership and purchase your own limo bike.

This custom-made machine belongs to a company called Wildfire Tours in Queensland, Australia.

However, if you have longed to view the Gold Coast, this might be the most unique and memorable way to do so.