New Lure turns Dead Fish Into Zombies

We all know that live bait is best. When you’re out there trying to catch the Big One, you’ll do whatever it takes… but sometimes live bait is just impossible to get and keep alive.

Can you imagine having a robotic fishing lure device that you could place down a dead fish’s throat and have it “come back to life” and perform almost exactly like a live bait in the water?

Well, these four fishing fanatics have created it, and they are about halfway to meeting their Kickstarter goal of getting this brand new device into production and in the hands of countless anglers.

Here are just a few of the unique features on this revolutionary fishing device called the “Zombait”.

Completely waterproof up to depths of 200 feet

Water activated, so the batteries and the dead fish only move once in the water

Corrosion free material

Rechargeable batteries

Small enough to fit inside of most all dead bait (saltwater and freshwater)

Lithium Ion batteries provide 2-3 hours of underwater movement in any dead bait fish

How Does Zombait Robotic Lure Work?

The Zombait Kickstarter Video

Here is the video that they have on Kickstarter.

How much does the Zombait cost?

According to the Kickstarter campaign, a single Zombait lure plus rechargeable battery costs $59. They do have higher options to get bundles, etc.

To check out the full Zombait Kickstarter campaign and to help fund this device, click here.

Man makes 170 yard hole-in-one to win a new Porsche

Making a hole-in-one is no easy feat, particularly when everyone is watching.

With a brand new 2017 Porsche Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo on the line, pro golfer Marcel Siem nailed it with one stroke from 170 yards away.

Porsche offered the new car to the first golfer who could hit a hole-in-one on the 17th hole at the Porsche European Open in Hamburg, Germany.

What’s even more impressive about Siem’s shot is that it was the golf equivalent of “nothing but net.” The ball went directly into the hole without ever touching the green.

Watch his incredible shot in the video below.

This is the second car Siem has won in a golf contest. Backin 2014 he won a Volvo V40 T5 after taking two strokes on a par-4 at the Nedbank Golf Challenge in South Africa.


RC A-10 Warthog has a fully functional Nerf cannon that “BRRRTs” mid-flight

Now you can enjoy the relaxing sounds of ‘BRRRRRRRTTT’ in miniature form at your house or local park.

YouTuber and RC enthusiast ajw61185 has built an incredible A-10 Warthog replica with fully functioning cannon.

He stripped down a Nerf Zeus blaster and fit it inside the model plane.

The video below shows him firing the standard Nerf ball, but the model can just as easily fire the larger Nerf Mega Darts. Watch his strafing run on a pair of cardboard T-72 tanks.

“Drill Duel” torture test proves who is the toughest and most powerful tool

The compact Dewalt and Milwaukee are two of the most popular battery-powered drills sold on Amazon.

These aren’t the most powerful drills on the market, but they’re reliable and affordable around $100-$150.

Wranglestar wants to know where that extra $50 is going with a drill-duel torture test. The video starts with a brief features review for each drill. Jump ahead to the 7:05 minute mark if you just came for the action.

Which one do you think will come out on top?


Company Offers 100 Year Warranty on Their ‘Warzone Ready’ Truck That Gets 1,000 Miles Per Tank

A new battle-ready SUV is turning heads for its shocking simplistic design and 100-year warranty. The construction of the Partisan One is reminiscent of scaffolding and is actually delivered in a lightweight assembly kit, making it easier to drop the vehicle into warzones. The SUV is also somewhat sparse, only coming with the most basic components.

As reported by Fox News, the German company’s creation includes a steering wheel, seats, pedals, and lights. The circular holes on the exterior surfaces provide options for bolting on armor plating, and a V-shaped armor panel can also be added under the chassis to help deflect roadside bombs.

With its simplistic design and lack of styling, the vehicle is less expensive than many luxury SUVs and can be produced more quickly.

The designer of the Partisan One claim the vehicle’s right angles at the roofline are an intentional move to help the SUV stand out from its more attractive rivals.

Buyers also have the ability to install almost any engine into the SUV, including electric or hybrid motors. A 2.8-liter Fiat diesel is the standard option.

Also standard is a massive fuel tank designed to allow the Partisan One to go nearly 1,000 on a single tank.

Currently, there are three and five-door variants of the SUV available, and there is the possibility that six-wheel or eight-wheel versions could be manufactured in the future.

Prior to assembly, the flatpack design allows multiple Partisan Ones to be placed into a single shipping container, making them easier to deploy into the battlefield that some other military vehicles. Once the shipment arrives, the SUVs can be assembled onsite, a process that the company claims is relatively easy.

Partisan Motors, which was founded by Dr. Juri E. Postnikov, a Russian engineer and the designer of the Partisan One, is offering a shocking 100-year warranty on the vehicle that includes coverage for “the entire car in addition to its wearing parts.” According to CNET, Postnikov asserts that the SUV is “the best car for the world’s worst roads.”

The company also states that the vehicle can survive 50 years of military use or more.

Source: Tribunist

The Walking Dead Star Steven Yeun’s New Film Has 100% On Rotten Tomatoes

While we do miss seeing Steven Yeun’s character Glenn on The Walking Dead, it is great to see him in other roles and his latest project is the viral outbreak film Mayhem, directed by Joe Lynch and penned by Matias Caruso.

In the film, Yeun stars as corporate attorney Derek Cho, who must fight to save his job and his life after a mysterious virus in unleashed inside the company on the same day he his framed by a co-worker and fired for corporate espionage. Trapped inside the building after it is quarantined, Derek must go head to head with his infected co-workers who act out their wildest impulses after being infected.

Samara Weaving, Steven Brand, and Yeun’s fellow Walking Dead alum Dallas Roberts co-star in this brutal thriller which will debut at Fright Fest prior to its theatrical and Video On Demand release later this year.

The first batch of bloody images have arrived, reminding us that Yeun is a badass, no matter what type of infected people he’s up against.

You can watch the trailer for yourself below:


Guy Uses Drone to Catch Monster Bass

An amateur fisherman tackled a new challenge when he decided to catch a fish from a lake… using a drone.

An amazing video from Canada shows YouTuber Viva Frei challenging himself to catch a fish in a ‘real body of water’ after seeing people using drones to catch fish in small ponds.

Filmed on Lake Champlain near Montreal on Friday, footage shows him attaching a jitterbug to his drone and sending it hovering above the lake as he wants on the shore.

Shortly afterwards, to Frei’s astonishment a fish can be seen leaping out of the water as it catches on the lure.

‘I got a fish!,’ he cries excitedly,’ Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Holy crab apples!’

The video ends with Frei – breathless with excitement – bringing the fish to shore.  

He later wrote online: ‘I had seen a couple of guys “catching” fish with their drones, using worms on a hook in some small pond, but where is the challenge in that? 

‘So I decided to try and catch a fish the real way – by trolling a lure [drawing a baited fishing line through water] on a real body of water.’

‘I tied some fishing line to my drone, attached a jitterbug (a topwater lure), and set out to try and make internet history,’ he continued.

‘Truthfully, I did not expect anything to happen because I had tried a few times before, and just sputtered around until my battery went dead, but this time, on Lake Champlain, not only did I succeed, but I hooked the biggest smallmouth bass of my life.

 ‘After I hooked it and managed to land it, I ran it to my wife for a quick photo op, and then ran it back to the water to release it. 


US Army Tests The World’s​ Most Quiet Military Vehicle

US Army test off road capability of the extremly quiet Chevrolet Colorado ZH2, the Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 is powered by a hydrogen fuell-cell and has an approximately range of 200 miles.

Next part of the video show US Marines during convoy live fire training, humvee lifting whith a Boeing CH-47 Chinook and a familiarization training with a Utility Task Vehicle.Check it out and tell us what you think.