A wino from Murmansk was so desperate for another drink that he stole a Soviet-era M-1970 multi-purpose amphibious auxiliary armored track vehicle and drove it through the glass window of his local supermarket.

Before reaching the supermarket, the drunk man crashed into an unattended Daewoo parked nearby.

After shattering the windows, the man climbed out of the armored vehicle and walked into the store. The Daily Mail reports he stole a bottle of red wine from Crimea, the Black Sea peninsula annexed by Vladimir Putin in 2014.

He fled the scene on foot, but was quickly apprehended by police. The M-1970 was later returned to the local military training depot.

Footage of the tank’s removal was recorded and shared online yesterday along with photographs from the scene.


Simon Laprise had a plan, some snow and a couple hours to spare.

The result? A delightful picture of a lone police officer, staring skeptically at a car parked in a snow removal zone, ticket book in hand. Little did the officer know, however, that it was all a trick.

The 33-year-old machinist and artist from Montreal was hoping to prank snow removal crews in his neighborhood with a fake car he made after a storm Monday, modeled after the Delorean DMC-12 of Back to the Future fame.

Laprise’s coup de gras was a real windshield wiper he had found across the street while working on the project, placed inconspicuously as if it were the only exposed part of the car.

muhahaha 😛

Posted by L.S.D Laprise Simon Designs on Monday, January 15, 2018

The police soon came to investigate because it was parked was in a snow removal zone, only to discover after some time that the car was made entirely of snow.

Officers did end up writing Laprise a ticket–one that said, “You made our night hahahahaha :)”

All good things must come to an end, however, and snowplows destroyed Laprise’s creation the next morning.

Guy Catches Punk Stealing His Truck Then Choke Holds Him On Facebook

Joby posted on Facebook how he walked out of the Home Depot to see someone trying to make off with his truck.

Not on his watch. He got a hold of the dude and didn’t let him go until the cops came!

“You stole the wrong truck today dude and whoever you are in the gold Tahoe with newer style chevy rims I’m coming for you to my friend…came out of Home Depot and my truck was driving down the street ran after it jumped in and wrestled this fuck while he was trying to floor it no sir not my truck…”

He picked the wrong truck to steal!!

Here’s the video!

California Farmer Films ‘Bigfoot Family’ Stealing His Pigs Under Cover of Darkness

The most recent “bigfoot sighting” is coming out of Fresno County, California, where a farmer claims to have seen a whole pack of bigfoot run right in front of his truck.

As reported by KMPH News, the farmer was near Avocado Lake when he saw what appeared to be a family of five or six “bigfoot” running through his ranch in the middle of the night.

“One of them, which was extremely tall, had a pig over its shoulder. And the five scattered and the one with the pig was running so fast it didn’t see an irrigation pipe and it tripped, which sent the pig flying,” the farmer recalled. “I believe there are a lot more people out there who have seen things and are keeping it inside themselves. They don’t want to go out and tell people, they don’t want to be ridiculed. They don’t want to be made fun of,”says Gonzalez.

Whether you believe his story or not, the farmer has some pretty damning evidence to go along with his claims. This is also the third reported sighting in the area this year.

In the video below, you can see photos the farmer has of these “bodies” running through his property, as well as a footprint mold he believes belongs to the legendary bigfoot.

World’s Most Dedicated Plumber Is Photographed Getting The Job Done

While many of us head out to our office jobs or have the luxury of working from home, other people are tasked with some of the dirtiest jobs imaginable! One person who has to face a variety of filthy responsibilities is Jimmie Cox.
Jimmie is a utility employee outside of Fort Worth, Texas, and he faces work obstacles most of us couldn’t even imagine! That’s exactly what happened recently when he was servicing a home’s broken water pipe.

The water kept flowing and he couldn’t figure out where the leak was coming from, so he did the only thing he could… he dove right in! It’s unimaginable what he did to take care of his customer.

The woman who owns the house came outside and discovered Jimmie’s torso completed submerged in the murky water! After checking to make sure he was okay and asking if he was comfortable with her snapping a picture, she ran inside to grab her camera.

Jimmie paid no mind to the woman capturing the moment on her camera and got back to the task at hand. Thankfully, Jimmy was able to repair the broken pipe – but he had no idea that his picture was going absolutely viral online!

In fact, Jimmie’s picture caught the attention of “Dirty Jobs” master, Mike Rowe. Mike saw the photo of Jimmie’s body totally submerged in the muddy water and reached out to him directly.

He had only one question for Jimmie: was it a water main or sewage line? Chuckling, Jimmie confirmed that it was just a broken water pipe!

Not only did Jimmie receive a phone call from Mike, but Wrangler (the brand of pants he’s wearing in the photo) is sending him a year’s supply of jeans to keep him clean going forward!

It seems like it pays to go above and beyond the call of duty. Take a look at this shocking photo and the praise Jimmie is receiving in the video below.

Source: www.smartlystuff.com

Squirrel Eats The Wrong Mushrooms, Gets Stoned And Goes On Epic Journey Through The Cosmos For Acorns

As a law-abiding member of society, I have definitely never been stoned (honest). However, a lot of people I know have, and they’ve recounted their dramatic experiences to me. One of these friends of mine actually got high after accidentally eating a pot brownie.

When cannabis is eaten, its effects are more potent, and this person experienced a phenomenon known as “greening out”. They reportedly felt paranoid, convinced that the other partygoers were going to kill them, before going into a spaced-out trance.

The effects of drugs vary from person to person, however, the smaller someone is, generally speaking, the greater the chances are that they will experience adverse effects. That’s why sane people never give drugs to animals. It’s a form of abuse.

So when a hungry squirrel accidentally ate magic mushrooms, the results were dramatic to say the least. It only takes a small amount of the drug to get an average-sized human stoned, and the squirrel was rendered almost completely incapacitated.

The stoned squirrel was found by a kindly dog walker who noticed that he was in some serious trouble. She initially assumed that the animal had been attacked, but it didn’t take her long to see the mushroom patch and work out what had happened.

People who have taken magic mushrooms have reported various side effects, but the number one effect of the natural drug is hallucinations. There have been no recorded fatalities associated with magic mushrooms, so the squirrel’s life wasn’t in danger.

But nothing could have prepared him for the accidental trip he was about to go on…

Magic mushrooms might be the third safest drug in the world, but if they are consumed in large quantities their side effects can be extreme to say the least. That’s why they are illegal in many countries including the United States.

The dog walker filmed the stoned squirrel and uploaded the footage to YouTube under the name Vet Wife.

“So the dogs and I were walking, and we found this little guy in the park,” she said. “At first, I thought he’d gotten attacked by a dog or something. He [tried] to stand up, and he [flopped] all over the place.”

“I saw that he had something in his mouth and realised [that] the b*gger’s been munching on mushrooms.”

“I’m not sure if those are poisonous or not, but they definitely got him in a tizzy. So I’m going to try and take him back.”

The woman tries to usher her dogs away from the stoned squirrel. When one of them gets close to it, the squirrel manages to stagger away, but he wasn’t able to get far. The stoned squirrel was terrified and confused. However, the dog soon gave up sniffing it.

“Yeah, he’s pretty stoned,” the woman says as the video ends.

You can watch the dramatic footage on YouTube here:

But it turns out that there are some animals which deliberately take psychedelic drugs. Dolphins, for example, have been known to squeeze puffer fish so that they can get high on their nerve toxins, putting them into a trance-like state.

We can only hope that this squirrel didn’t have a bad trip, and that he got the care he needed as he came down.

There’s no doubt that people will begin to speculate about that the squirrel saw on his trip. This is what I hope happened.

Source: www.viralthread.com


Talk about the ultimate Monday Morning viral video. This dude has a great weekend, drags himself out of bed to get back to the grind unloading trucks all damn day, then – for whatever reason – forgets to set up the ramp for his first truck of the day. Next thing you know, his entire load goes crashing to the floor and he’s promptly launched into outer space before coming back and landing straight on his face.