It seems like every time there is a video of a dumb criminal with a gun there is always a good guy with a gun waiting to save the day. Video of one man who stopped an armed robbery at a convenience store has gone viral. Check out his great one-liners that these would-be criminals won’t soon forget.

Suvalliance footage at a 7-Eleven in Hamilton, New Jersey, showed two men with hoodies covering their faces walking around the store. After checking things out, one of the crooks decides now is the time to rob the store.

It’s immediately apparent that these aren’t the smartest or most athletic robbers in the world as the video shows the man in the blue hoodie trying to hop over the counter only to lose his balance.

As he jumps over the counter, the robber’s accomplice brandishes his firearm and demands the cashier open the drawer.

As the cashier puts his hands up to show he is cooperating with the crooks, the robber on the other side of the counter opens his backpack for the money. Unfortunately for the robbers, a security guard who was passing by noticed what was happening inside the store and sprung into action.

The security guard rushes into the store and shoots one of the robbers in the arm. As the guard approaches the other would-be robber, the suspect yells, “They’re fake,” indicating their guns. Without missing a beat, the security guard hits the thieves with a perfectly timed one-liner, “Oh well,” he replied. “Mine is real” as he shoots the second suspect.

When the robber questioned in seeming disbelief whether the guard had actually shot him, the security officer nonchalantly replied: “Oh f**k yeah.”

After handling the robbery effortlessly, the security guard instructed the employee to call 911. That is one cool dude.

In all seriousness though, the unknown security guard sprung into action and gave those would-be criminals a lesson they will never forget. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

You can’t be unhappy with a magazine-fed pump-action knife gun in your hands

Everyone’s favorite crazy German, Jorge Sprave, is back with another fascinating homemade weapon.

It feels awesome just saying the name “pump action knife slingshot” but seeing it in action is even better.

With some wood, elastic, and cheap throwing knives, Sprave has built another wonder that’s perfect for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

How could anyone be unhappy while firing this weapon?

Crescent wrench showdown, which is stronger $35 made in USA or $5 made in China?

Wranglestar is back with another Amazon tool showdown.

The price difference between these two forged alloy steel crescent wrenches is just staggering. One is an 8″ S&K made in the USA for $35 while the other is an 8″ Onsite that was sold as part of a $5 three-pack.

It’s important to keep America first, but sever sticker shock like this is making it difficult for some shoppers to keep their money in-country.

Wranglestar will push both tools to their breaking point and see which one fails first in the video below.

Jump ahead to the 15:50 minute mark to see the results and hear the conclusions