Guy Uses Drone to Catch Monster Bass

An amateur fisherman tackled a new challenge when he decided to catch a fish from a lake… using a drone.

An amazing video from Canada shows YouTuber Viva Frei challenging himself to catch a fish in a ‘real body of water’ after seeing people using drones to catch fish in small ponds.

Filmed on Lake Champlain near Montreal on Friday, footage shows him attaching a jitterbug to his drone and sending it hovering above the lake as he wants on the shore.

Shortly afterwards, to Frei’s astonishment a fish can be seen leaping out of the water as it catches on the lure.

‘I got a fish!,’ he cries excitedly,’ Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Holy crab apples!’

The video ends with Frei – breathless with excitement – bringing the fish to shore.  

He later wrote online: ‘I had seen a couple of guys “catching” fish with their drones, using worms on a hook in some small pond, but where is the challenge in that? 

‘So I decided to try and catch a fish the real way – by trolling a lure [drawing a baited fishing line through water] on a real body of water.’

‘I tied some fishing line to my drone, attached a jitterbug (a topwater lure), and set out to try and make internet history,’ he continued.

‘Truthfully, I did not expect anything to happen because I had tried a few times before, and just sputtered around until my battery went dead, but this time, on Lake Champlain, not only did I succeed, but I hooked the biggest smallmouth bass of my life.

 ‘After I hooked it and managed to land it, I ran it to my wife for a quick photo op, and then ran it back to the water to release it.