Yoga pants mechanic is fixing flats and breaking hearts

There’s just something sexy about a woman who’s good with her hands.

Meet Malorie Woods, a mechanic, racer, model, and self described horsepower freak.

Take a look at some of her best work on Instagram before checking out her reverse mount video below.

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Florida woman dubbed world’s hottest nurse

A Florida woman vying for the title of ‘world’s hottest nurse’ says anyone can emulate her enviable figure with the right diet and workout regime.
Lauren Drain, 31, is a fully-trained cardiac nurse and personal trainer whose racy selfies have earned her a huge online following.
She began her career in healthcare at the age of 16 and has been a cardiac registered nurse for over eight years, snapping up 3.6 million Instagram followers along the way.
Lauren has worked in a number of roles throughout her career including intensive care units as well acting as a charge nurse in operating theatres, and regularly works grueling 13-hour days.

And despite her blonde bombshell image, Lauren insists she doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty and is not ‘just a model.’
The fitness extraordinaire has a strong passion for health, wellness and quality of life and has used every opportunity to help promote those values to her patients and clients – championing her belief that an active lifestyle is key to long-lasting health.

Lauren said: ‘After eight years in professional healthcare, I have never seen a natural athlete stuck in a terrible health crisis.
‘There’s a reason for that: fit, active lifestyles reduce the risk of disease and promote overall well being.’

After years of helping patients in hospitals, Lauren realised it was having a detrimental effect on her on wellbeing.
She felt overworked, overstressed, overweight, fatigued, and extremely unhappy so she decided to take control of her life and get her priorities straight. She decided to take a different tact in the way she could helped people.
‘I wanted to be a healthy, fit, strong, confident woman, actively preventing disease instead of treating everything with pills and medication,’ she said.

‘I wanted to change my life for the better, and I wanted to help others before they lost control of their health too.’
The ultra fit beauty never set out to become a ‘fitness model’, and her road into the lifestyle is one most of us can relate to.
She said: ‘I let the winter and holiday seasons get the best of me. I was unhappy with what I saw in the mirror and I felt even worse, so I decided to make a change for the better.’

Lauren embarked on a paleo challenge, which involves eating a caveman style diet and produced motivating results leading her to research entering competition shows.
After YouTube-ing to find out about the scene she bit the bullet and signed up for her first bikini show where she placed ninth out of 30 competitors.
She hired a coach, entered more and more shows, and finally got the top spot in an amateur show, earning her her pro card and giving the opportunity to compete for money in professional body building, fitness and aesthetic shows.
Lauren now has her own fitness website where she helps others reach their true potential with her own personal blends of diet and exercise routines.

In a recent blog post, the social media mogul told how she ‘trained her a*** off’ after signing up to her first WBFF (World Beauty Fitness & Fashion).
She wrote: ‘Since then, I’ve worked to build more muscle mass in all the ‘right’ places, becoming stronger, healthier, and happier in the process.
‘The booty and legs you see now are not genetic blessings or surgical projects, they’re the product of hard work.
‘I see girls on social media time and time again calling themselves fitness models, fit chicks, etc… when in reality, most of them were blessed at birth when they won the genetic lottery.’

7-year-old girl shoots her first deer, public rallies behind father for his excellent instruction

The Klapper family from North Texas has proudly encouraged the next generation to follow in their hunting footsteps. Mom and Dad’s Facebook pages frequently feature images of their young children hunting with them for deer and turkey. This season 7-year-old Lilly took her first deer and the internet went wild.

With more than 2.3 million views in less than 3 days, the public response to his daughter’s video has left Cody stunned. The avid hunter and excellent father was concerned that some people may not appreciate their traditions and wrote ” I respect and understand that this video may not be for everyone, if you think that you might be offended by this video that has my daughter shooting a deer with a modern hunting rifle please keep scrolling.”

Fortunately for him it seems everyone is just as excited for Lilly as he is. The determined little girl patiently waits for her shot showing respect for her weapon and the animal throughout the video, and the public noticed.

The post was filled with positive user comments like “Parenting done right 😁 congratulations on your first deer Ms.Lilly,” and “Great job Lilly! Great job Dad! Her focus, concentration, patience, and attention to detail is admirable!”

Viewers didn’t fail to notice the overwhelming number of positive comments either. One viewer wrote “Know what the best part is….no one on here is complaining about her age and gun!!! Kickass great shot!!”


This thing could survive the Zombie Apocalypse!

It’s that big and rugged.

Greg is from Bloomfield Hills, MI and has previously been traveling in a Roadtrek Class B motorhome. He had just picked up his new Global Expedition and had brought it to the Overland Expo to get some ideas about off road travel and outfitting his new go-anywhere home.

He gives us a tour of this beautiful behemoth and tells us why he chose this model and where he plans to go.

Source: roadtreking

Playboy-Themed 1972 Dodge Charger with a NASCAR Engine For Sale on eBay

This is a very rare opportunity to own a car with Playboy valve covers.

The values of classic Mopar muscle cars have been going through the roof in recent years. Usually, the cars closest to their original condition are the most valuable, but here’s a 1972 Dodge Charger that’s nowhere near its original self that’s sitting on eBay with a starting bid of $99,950. As of this writing, there are zero bids on the car and the reserve has not yet been met. The eBay listing says this Playboy-themed Charger was commissioned to be designed by artist Richard Phillips and was built by Flordia auto shop Serig Designs.

Where to begin with what makes this Charger special? For starters, it has a NASCAR engine. Specifically, a 358 cubic-inch Dodge R5-P7 V-8 built by Arian Martinez at All Out RPM Racing Engines in Cutler Bay, Florida. The engine has been rebuilt with a lower compression making it suitable for street use. The eBay listing claims it makes 790 horsepower and has a redline of 9,800 rpm. It has a Tremec T5 five-speed manual transmission with a Hurst shifter, a custom driveshaft, and a “NASCAR style” nine-inch rear end.

Guy setups fake ‘Casting Couch’ to see what adult stars will do to get a ‘Job’

The guy played a brillant role in the entire video and these adult models couldn’t understand that they were being pranked. The fun part is that the guy didn’t become an all out creep just to maintain the surprise part of the entire video.

It’s a fun way to spend time with adult stars without crossing the moral bounds. The video involved two girls and a guy. One of the girls definitely got pissed off at the end of the video as she couldn’t appreciate the interview being funny. The first girl, however took the prank positively and laughed about it.

The guy uploaded the video with a disclaimer that all of the models who appeared in the video were adult stars. The guy wrote: “These are real porn stars who think they are auditioning for a role in an adult film. I’m not a casting director… and I’ve never seen porn.”

That’s what we call a disclaimer!

Let’s check out the video