Could a Sex Robot Actually Kill You?

In the future, having sex with a robot might be just as common as being intimate with a real-life person. But earlier this week, the Daily Star, an Australian tabloid, published a “dire warning” that sex with a robot could quickly turn deadly, if hackers are able to assume control of the robot’s body and use it to murder its unsuspecting owner. The Star’s claims were supported by an interview with Dr. Nick Patterson, an Australian cybersecurity researcher at Deakin University in Victoria, who explained how digital control of a robot could result in physical harm to its owner, if a hacker was malicious enough.

“Sex robot ARMIES: Fears hackers could create killer cyborgs and turn technology on punters,” the Star’s headline reads. “ULTRA-REALISTIC sex robots could be used by warped hackers to attack humans, according to a chilling warning.”

The gist of the story, essentially, was that a hacker with full access to a human-sized, human-weight device could give it commands to physically harm whoever is, uh, *interacting* with it. Many sex robots have moveable parts, but because they’re mostly designed to be soft and flexible, they’re probably not going to be a hacker’s first choice to go full terminator.

While, sure, sex robot hacking will probably become a concern at some point in the future, if a cybercriminal wants to inflict real harm, a glorified Fleshlight probably isn’t where they’ll start.

So no, if you do end up shelling out the cash to buy a sex robot of your very own, it probably isn’t going to kill you. But at nearly $10,000 for a basic model, you might want to consider whether it’s a worthwhile investment in the first place. Check out the video below to see one of the first taking sex robots.

Source: menshealth