This Scary Helmet-Cam Footage Of A Bear Charging A Mountain Biker Has Gone Viral

Mountain biking through scenic woods seems like a really fun activity. Well, Dorothy, I’m about to ruin it for you. Here’s a little reminder that the woods are full of lions and tigers and bears. OK, I’m not sure about the lions and tigers part. But there are definitely bears in the woods.

Eurasian Brown Bear

A video of two Slovakian mountain bikers encountering a bear and capturing the incident on a helmet-cam has gone viral—with the YouTube video they posted garnering over 11 million views.

YouTube user Dusan Vinzik and his buddy appear to be enjoying a nice ride down a wooded trail when all of a sudden, a bear tries to turn Vinzik’s buddy into his “Revenant” co-star:

Vinzik yells—in dramatic slow-motion—what we are assuming is the Slovakian word for “BEAR!” in time to warn his friend to pump his brakes and make a hasty retreat.

I give credit to Vinzik, because I think I would have simply turned around and let the bear chase after my friend.